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Mosurachi India Finance Pvt. Ltd. offers Personal Loan, Business Loan, Mortgage Loan and
Gold Loan to suit your financial needs.

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Personal Loan

Personal Loan is an unsafe loan that needs no documents of any security but all you need to just submit your personal profile like- documents to the us.

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Busines Loan

Mosurachi India Finance is always support to achieve our customer’s goals. You can take business loan from us and fulfill your business requirement.

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Mortgage Loan

If you need loan to against your property, you can apply for mortgage loan. Mortgage loan is designed to provide all these needs.

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Housing Loan

Buying your own house is not an easy task. It needs a good bank balance. If you need finance to buy the house of your dreams, you can apply for home loan.

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Vehicle Loan

Everyone's dream is to have their own vehicle and now you can make your dream come true with us. Get a car loan with low interest and no hidden charges..

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Gold Loan

Gold is a valuable commodity in every life. Now you can make your dream come true with us. Get a Gold Loan with low interest and no hidden charges.

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OD Limit

Overdraft facility is credit funding offered by banks to individuals and companies to withdraw money from the banks in which they have account.

Lowest Loan Interest Rates
Loan Type Lowest Rate %
Personal Loan 16% to 22%
Business Loan 17% to 24%
Mortgage Loan 11% to 18%
Housing Loan 11% to 16%
Vehicle Loan 9% to 14%
Gold Loan 10% to 22%
OD Limit 15% to 24%